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Born in 1949 in Casablanca, he has, for 30 years now, devoted himself to mutual aid. His career as a therapist qualified in physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy has given him a multi-disciplinary approach. Being an explorer at heart, he was one of the first to establish a table of correspondence between physical experience and the illnesses of the body.
Then came colour.

One day, during a consultation, he noticed a colour on a part of his patient’s body. The phenomenon happened again and intensified. Little by little, William Berton built up a table of correspondence between the colours observed and the associated types of behaviour (this is the subject of his book Life-Energy).

His work consists of relieving his patients and he noticed that saying out loud the presumed meaning of the observed colour gave the patient an awareness that made him or her feel better.
Berton needed a suitable medium to express this creative word. This is how, in 1992, he came to formulate the principle of the “language of colours” and then to materialise it in the form of cards.

At first, there were 38 cards, and then more colours were added. The meaning that William
Berton gives to each of the colours was first found intuitively, checked through practice and then confirmed by other people having some knowledge of his research.

As a tool of self-knowledge, the game is, through its use, a remarkable key to understanding life.

As a pioneer in the domain of colour symbolism, and thanks to his quite original discoveries, William Berton is reaching a growing public in France and abroad.

Today, he offers courses of instruction on the philosophy of colours: the conscious game of life.








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