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The image evoked by mature red is that of the plough pulled by oxen. The forward motion of the ploughshare in the earth symbolises deep work. With mature red, you have theconcrete results of the action and effort that has been undertaken. The operation is expressed in matter and it also transforms theoperator into matter. You become as strong as an ox. Mature red oozes sweat. And the more effort you make, the more ease and lightness you develop. Clinging to matter relieves and frees one from the heavy weight. Making an effort forms one's character and leads to the understanding that, to do a job well one has to apply oneself assiduously and with determination, and for it to bear fruit, the work has to be done thoroughly. The satisfaction of a job well done, once you have expended your energy, allows you to quietly enjoy the rest you had looked forward to. This is a state of plenitude which comes from bringing the work undertaken to a successful conclusion. In this way, the colour corresponds to your retirement, when you can enjoy all that you have saved up while you were working.

Something has been integrated.
Adeep, inner work has been completed. Harvest time.
In retreat.
Reaping the fruits.
Aproject takes shape.
Rooted, feet firmly on the ground.
Stable, strong as an ox.
Giving ourselves up to mother earth.
Giving birth, helping grow.
Forsighted, brave and patient.
Ajob offer.
We come to the aid of somebody in distress, in the role of
the good mother.

Energy for this colour:
You have your feet on the ground. Your projects do
materialise, bringing you your just reward.

Advice for this colour:
It is time to abandon a project that was very important
for you. Take advantage of this to draw on what you
already know or have.


Newborn green is precarious, because it reveals itself to others at the same time as to itself. Green opens from the inside out and from the outside in. When two people fall in love, they open themselves to each other at the same time. It is beautiful to watch them become mutually attached as they speak to each other from, and about, their deep inner selves! With nascent green, you discover the inner you through the other's perception. What is most precious in you can only be unveiled by the other acting as a mirror. During this initial
period, notice how you discover each other and are careful to wait for the other. See howyou yearn to reveal the desire you have for that meeting, gradually, all the time respecting the other's secret. Nascent green touches on the secret of intimacy. Love hides behind what hides. If you can show yourself immediately to someone, then it is not love but desire.

An apprenticeship in relationships.
Amazed, transported, moved.
In love, seduced.
Little by little we allow ourselves to be approached by
someone who moves us.
We open up our secret garden to somebody close to us.
Slowly, through either modesty or discretion, we reveal
ourselves to each other, and open up to love.
Weakened, unprotected.
We are intimate with another person.
Vunerable. Like a house of cards
you touch it, it falls !
Cry easily.

Energy for this colour:
You have the gift of making people feel that they can
express their feelings and be more sociable.

Advice for this colour :
Taking the time to get to know someone is the best way
to know whether you want to open your secret garden to them.

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