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To each colour corresponds a way of being and, consequently, a way of seeing the world and what goes on as well as a way of dressing, of living in one’s house - of living one’s life. There is a range of 45 colours which reflect 45 ways of seeing the world.

Some examples:

Blue is the colour of intuition and action, of expression, communication and receptivity; an intuitive temperament, always ready to innovate.

- Living in a Blue house encourages self-expression. The interior will be arranged in an intuitive way, in a way to receive light. The furniture has no particular, fixed place, but can be moved around the house regularly and as necessary. The decoration is intentionally “original” and involves a multitude of clever ideas. There may well be some hand-made tiles. There is a workspace for expressing one’s artistic side - perhaps painting, modelling, sewing or photography.

- Wearing blue helps one to “feel” situations, to show oneself as one is, to express one’s feeling, to act spontaneously and to talk about oneself openly. One’s clothes are a form of self-expression. They declare one’s attitudes and style. Clothes are chosen to speak well of oneself. They can be worn in a special way in order to show one’s difference. They are easy to arrange, transform or adjust, depending on one’s artistic whim of the moment. The “blue” person prefers having long hair as it can be used to change one’s appearance.

is the colour of holidays and expresses the need to take a break in order to accept and digest things. The colour of the desert and of the infinite which, when it lets nothing new appear (that one could hold onto), can eventually lead to lassitude, boredom and monotony. It is also the colour of sensuality and of the aroused senses.

- Sand teaches how to live differently in one’s home, simply, in time with time and not worrying about the future. A natural arrangement of the furniture with plenty of space allows light to come in. Neither curtains nor shutters are necessary. Here it is the rule of the least effort and of natural living. Everything invites one to settle down tranquilly and to forget the hubbub. The interior opens out onto a little garden or balcony allowing an appreciation of the seasons with their particular colours and perfumes. Bare feet are preferred, so the material of the floor is important.

- Wearing sand colours is a reminder of the holidays, allowing one to forget one’s stress and cares while being an encouragement to do things little by little, without precipitation. One’s clothing is soft and is worn in the house in winter and outside in the summer; it breathes and is easy to care for. Big pockets make a bag unnecessary and leave the hands free. The texture of the clothing varies between the easy-care and the sensual, combining utility with pleasure. The hair is worn short or up.








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