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Symbolism is a universal heritage from the past. It sheds light on the incarnation of the spirit in matter.

The symbolism of figures reveals the art of time and procures the means of using it properly. Astrology describes the temporal space of the place that each being can occupy on earth.
Numerology decodes mathematics, the philosophy of the spirit and enables an understanding of a universal order. Over the centuries, colour has assumed its importance. It forms a bridge between the apparent world and the world of light.

We have still to rediscover its powerful symbolism, as witnessed by the Holy Scriptures regarding the rainbow, that indicator of the alliance between the terrestrial “low” world and the super-luminous and spiritual “high” world. The following approach attempts to link up with this concept. It affirms nothing, it suggests. Get closer to its coherence and try to see the logic of its workings.

Once upon a time there was colour. Each colour participated as it wished in the nuances of the expression of creation. There was turquoise for the sea, green for the forests, all sorts of reds, oranges and yellows for the harvest, a variety of brown and ochre for the soil and the rocks, azure blue for the infinite sky decorated with whitey-grey threads, with darker patches for the rain-clouds. Colour characterised the earthly world.

From the sky, or more exactly from the moon, astronauts have taken superb photographs of the Earth rising. A disc, finely coloured with blues and whites - that is how our planet is seen from space. Colour indicates the expression of life. It recounts. It brilliantly recounts the history of life. It tells us what we like, what we prefer and what disturbs us. Colour is the messenger of a new language, the language of the heart, of primordial love between man and the skies.

Colour proposes to take this road. Anyone ready to take it will see their lives in a different light; they will pass from the limited vision of a world in black and white to the multiplicity of their preferences, desires and feelings. Black is marked by the absence of white, of light. White and black attract each other; they are complementary but never manage to coexist without becoming grey, a shifty compromise. White evokes the immaculate, the innocence of the child and the purity of virginity. Whoever shows his credentials has nothing to hide nor to reproach himself for and gives an indication of the extent to which “black” hides itself, not showing the truth. Black and white conjugate as they size each other up, and compare each other. The world of colours does not suffer from opposites; on the contrary, it accepts them, taking nourishment and delight in them.

Colour leads to the heart of one’s self. Joyfully and truthfully it recounts how humanity could awake and grow to its full dimension as Man. Colour tells us who we are, recognizes us and accompanies us. As an ally, a guide or an interior presence, colour speaks to our consciousness in the same way as our little interior voice speaks to our soul.









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