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I have used the colours for years now and I know what they mean for me. Not in detail... The first time I used your interpretation, I was amazed at how right it was: exactly what I was experiencing and towards what I was going. Thank you. Claudette.

 mm Dear Mr Berton,
I regularly use (in phases) "Colour-Energy" in the 1998 version that I bought in September 2001, with a set of large cards.
I am still quite dumbfounded and interested by the precision and the relevance of the answers given by your method.
As a dancer and teacher, I find that the colours are a unique way of decoding my body and the bodies of those around me.
Thank you and well done, for all your research!

jj From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you...
You cannot know just how important today’s draw was for me...thank you so much.
Words are insufficient to express my thanks.
Don’t worry, I don’t expect anything in particular from this draw, just some light and, believe me, today, some light would be really helpful, for choosing the right path...
Heart-felt wishes to you…

ll A big thank you for your answers which seem so right and which will help me to see inside myself more clearly. I have a serious interior commitment to make. The draw showed me. Again, thank you for your help. Have a good holiday. N.

jj Yes, it is becoming clearer, thank you so much; I was agreeably surprised by your answer and by its swift arrival! I will take the time to think about this and to reread your answers...
My heart-felt thanks!!!

hh Hello William,
Thank you for your interpretation. Yes it was very accurate and precise. I was touched.
Until next time,

hh Good evening,
Thank you for your reply. Rather disturbing... I am very interested in your work (I am a therapist and I once nearly took part in your course - I think I will soon!) your questions are relevant; as for the mirror effect, I only see it, and point it out, in others...
Thank you again. Yours, Nicole

hh Thank you William! It is very clear and corresponds to what I feel at the moment.
I wish you a very happy new year!

hh Amazing!! ! Thank you very much for the keys. They are really going to help me.

hh Thank you, William
I was really touched that you showed me how to reverse the patterns and how to be fulfilled. Thank you again, you helped me a lot: your work really helps one to take charge of oneself. As for me, the fact of having lost the man of my life disturbed me deeply and I am ready to face up to reality and to finally ask myself the right questions!

hh Hello William
You indicate a path that I had never seen. My esteem for him has risen and I feel ready to forgive him. Yours sincerely,

hh Hallo,
I am still quite flabbergasted by your interpretation. What you write corresponds exactly to me and puts the finger right on what I like and where I feel complete and at ease...
In expectation, I thank you ENORMOUSLY and wish you all the best as you continue to do what I think is "right"; I don’t often use that word: for me it refers to what is best in us, what is in its right place and which brings “happiness.”
Yours sincerely,

hh The draw is always surprising. Each time it takes me to the deepest part of my being. Just as, when I eat, the food goes down, is digested and evacuated; a selection is made to provide me with vitamins and energy to continue on my way.
Thanks again to the colours and to the whole team.

hh Message from Philippe
Thank you, I see much better now! The colours have spoken well.
I will take it all into account; thank you again and I hope to see you soon.

hh The book that I recommend, that allowed me to discover this method: "Telling Colours” by William Berton, Editions Colorscope (about 30 euros) with a set of colour cards for picking.
It is so precise that it takes your breath away...
One can use it to know just about where one stands, to better understand the state of mind of a friend or relation, to find out where one stands in a relationship, as a guide to taking important decisions etc.
Does anyone else know this excellent method?
PS: there is an amusing little test (it’s free) on the site on this page 










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