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For each colour there is a version called Material of the world, and each colour has a Light vision of the world.
These two facets bring out two dimensions of the colour. One dimension corresponds to our need to understand, for our intellectual side and for our ideas about the world and our egos, or selves; the other dimension is for our being, our way of understanding reality, for our feeling of it, for our present and for our consciousness.

The language of colours is first a language which brings us the philosophical dimension that may be lacking in our lives, as well as concrete meaning and a direction to take.

Colour is all around for anyone who has eyes. Blind people see it differently. Colours reflect our differences, facets, tendencies, convergences and differences; brought together, they symbolise union, understanding and harmony.

The particularity of colours is that they speak to our interior world. The colours that we like show us what we like in ourselves. The colours that we detest show us what we do not like in ourselves.

Colours can answer questions and, depending on the cards selected, we may have replies on what we think of a situation or a relationship, how we feel about these things and what it makes us experience, whether actively or passively.
There are two types of response to your question:
The action to take in order to change things.
The attitude to take when wishing to see things without changing them.


My work is not going well. What should I do?
Card No.1: The action to take to work better (the idea).
Chosen colour: light grey L > take the time to consider, to weigh up the pros and the cons.

Card No.2: The attitude to adopt regarding the difficulty of working better (the attitude in which to observe oneself).
Chosen colour: Fuchsia M > the fact of wanting more.

The first attitude consists of thinking about how to do better (an idea); the second consists of making an observation, to know if one wants more.
Am I ready to do more?
The solution is to do more, and then the idea of how to do it will follow!

A list of card readings is given in the book TELLING COLOURS.







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